Strategic opportunities

Thanks to its programmatic focus, Erasmus+ offers a number of opportunities for pursuing the aims of the University of Vienna's development plan and internationalisation strategy.

The programme firstly offers the possibility of implementing improvements and innovations in teaching, thus contributing to the modernisation of teaching at the University of Vienna, whether through the development of new teaching and learning methods, the greater integration of electronic/virtual information and communication technologies in teaching or the redesign of curricula.

Thanks to the strong focus on collaborations with European partners, Erasmus+ projects contribute to the international networking of the University of Vienna. The effects of the project are not restricted to the tertiary sector but extend across all educational sectors, as well as to youth and sport. In this way, the programme makes the expertise of the University of Vienna staff visible and usable over a broad social spectrum. As a result, Erasmus+ projects also contribute to increasing the acceptance of the University in society.

In many activities, Erasmus+ encourages a close collaboration between universities and European business enterprises. In this way, the programme also provides cooperation opportunities going beyond the educational sector. Long-term partnerships with business can be started, creating new stimuli both in teaching and subsequently also in research.

The programme also encourages teaching and research on EU topics. In this way, Erasmus+ firstly enables thematic gaps in the curricula to be closed, and the greater integration of EU topics in university teaching. At the same time, it also presents opportunities for anchoring research in this sector more firmly within the University of Vienna and for developing and bundling competence and expertise on EU studies.