ERASMUS+: The possibilities

Erasmus+ is part of Europe2020, the EU's growth and employment strategy aimed at overcoming the current crisis. Many of the activities listed under Erasmus+ are aimed at achieving this objective. They focus on increasing innovatory strength and competitiveness, reducing (youth) unemployment, improving training and further training systems and increasing networking between the higher education sector and business.

For a large broad-based university, this framework opens up numerous opportunities to enable society to make use of its achievements in research and teaching in non-application-specific projects.

At the same time, exchange and networking with other universities provides the possibility of incentives for the development of innovatory teaching and learning methods and designing new teaching content.

In addition, pioneering partnerships can be initiated through cooperation with business enterprises. These can contribute to the reciprocal development and transfer of knowledge, giving students and teachers the opportunity to acquire important new skills and topic fields.

The programme also encourages international cooperation with universities outside the EU. In this way, Erasmus+ provides means of contributing to the modernisation and internationalisation of universities in Partner Countries.

In addition, Erasmus+ permits the implementation of EU studies in research and teaching. The programme promotes both teaching on the topic of the EU and EU-related research.

However, the opportunities for the University of Vienna are not restricted to the high education sector. Erasmus+ also provides opportunities for participation in the secondary sector and in vocational and adult education. As a cooperation partner, the University of Vienna can also make use of opportunities in the fields of youth and sport.

The International Office will be happy to assist interested University of Vienna staff in identifying opportunities and implementing projects.