Vice Rector Jean-Robert Tyran welcomes delegation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences

A committee of the Institute of Science and Development (CASISD), which forms part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), recently visited the University of Vienna. The newly appointed Vice Rector for International Affairs and Research, Jean-Robert Tyran, welcomed the guests of the prestigious research center.

During the meeting, the representatives of both institutions exchanged about possible collaborations concerning joint research, amongst others.

present representatives CASDID: Jiaofeng Pan (President), Qing Liu (Vice President), Yingming Li (Director Integrative Management of Major Research Tasks Department), Qiupei Lyu (Deputy Director Information and Communication Center), Xiao Lu (Associate Research Fellow), Huizhong Wang (Senior Academic Cooperation Officer, Cooperation and Communication Department); present representatives University of Vienna: Vice Rector Jean-Robert Tyran (Vice Rector for International Affairs and Research), Lottelis Moser (Head, International Office), Janna Kazim (International Office)