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Target group

Prerequisites for an Erasmus+ application:

  • Degree students of the University of Vienna who, at the time of commencement of their stay abroad, have reached at least the 3rd semester of their bachelor degree course
  • The criteria established by the individual departments must be complied with (e. g. progress, motivation).
  • Language skills (min. B1, depending on the individual place)
  • The 12 months Erasmus+ mobility quota (24 months for students in diploma studies) has not been used up already in the current study cycle

Please note: students are entitled to apply for an Erasmus+ grant ONLY within the field of study for which they have been admitted. Nominations outside the student's subject area will NOT be considered. Mobilities within an EC (Extension Curriculum/Erweiterungscurriculum) are NOT possible.

Erasmus+ is a full-time study scholarship, i.e. you should take classes worth  30 ECTS per semester. The detailed conditions (e.g. ECTS-reimbursement limit for the mobility grant) are part of the contract between students and the OeAD GmbH; you can find further information under "Financial matters".



Application deadlines

MAIN APPLICATION ROUND for Erasmus+ grants for the academic year 2018/19
As from January 2018, students may apply for the academic year 18/19 (winter semester, summer semester, full academic year). To do so, two steps are required:

  1. Registration on http://erasmus.univie.ac.at/ Click "eine neue Bewerbung erstellen" and fill in the form. Without doing so, your mobility coordinator will not be able to see your application!
  2. Submitting an application to the mobility coordinator in the relevant department (the required documents depend on the department – please contact your mobility coordinator for information)

Application deadline: March 15th, 2018
Please note that earlier application deadlines may apply, - particularly for more in-demand fields of study – please contact your department for more detailed information.

To contact your mobility coordinator, please go to: http://erasmus.univie.ac.at/ Under “Plätze”, you will find the name of the mobility coordinator;  for the relevant contact information, please go to -> KoordinatorInnen (Coordinators).

SECOND APPLICATION ROUND for the summer semester 2019
Some of the places for the summer semester 2019 that were not assigned to students during our main application phase will be published again in mid-September - please apply for one of those places by October 15th, 2018 (same procedure as in spring). Please mind a possible earlier deadline at your department!




The Erasmus+ program offers 12 months mobility grant per study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD) to each student. Students enrolled in Diploma programs can apply for a maximum amount of 24 months of Erasmus+ grants. These months can be used to study at a European partner university or to do an internship abroad.

Students may apply for Erasmus+ stays abroad during the academic year 2017/18 for the periods between July 1st, 2017, and September 30th, 2018. These stays are intended to be used for full-time study and/or for work on a diploma, master or doctoral thesis. An Erasmus+ study abroad period can last no less than three full months, up to a maximum of twelve months. The actual duration of stay will depend on whether students are nominated for a stay of one semester or for a full academic year as well as on the term dates of the host university.

Nominated students must specify the actual study period abroad when applying for the Erasmus+ mobility grant. These dates of stay should correspond to the relevant term dates - of course, a "welcome week", if any, at the start of your stay and exam times after the end of the semester also count as part of the stay. On the other hand, an early arrival or a late departure due to personal reasons (e.g. search for accommodation, travelling) will NOT be covered by the grant.

Writing your master's or PhD thesis during your Erasmus+ stay

There is also the possibility to go abroad to conduct research for your master's or PhD thesis within the Erasmus+ program. When you apply for an Erasmus+ place your subject and thesis supervisor already have to be approved at the University of Vienna.

At your host university you will then have to do some research or write part of your thesis - the details of your tasks should be agreed upon with your supervisor in Vienna. The possible supervision abroad depends on the regulations of the host university – please contact the International Office of the host university for further information.

To receive the mobility grant, your supervisor's (at the University of Vienna) confirmation before and after the stay is sufficient; the requirement of the accreditation of ECTS credits at the University of Vienna does not apply for students conducting research.

Additionally, you are of course also entitled to complete courses at your host university, but it is not a necessary requirement to receive the Erasmus+ grant and is not regarded as a proof of study progress abroad.



Language requirements

Students have to provide proof of their language proficiency already at the time of application. The required language proficiency is prescribed by the host university (at least B1). The specific requirements can be found at erasmus.univie.ac.at/site/plaetze next to each place of study. If two languages are mentioned, a proof of proficiency in only one of them must be submitted.

The language certificate must be submitted along your other application documents to your mobility coordinator.

Attention: please take into account that the levels indicated on the website refer to the minimum required to apply for Erasmus+ at the University of Vienna. However, the host university may have other requirements for enrolment concerning the level and type of accepted certificates (e.g. may accept TOEFL or IELTS only). If you don’t meet the requirements of the host university, they may reject your application. In addition there is no guarantee that a sufficient amount of courses will be available in a specific language. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to get acquainted with the requirements of the host university in advance.

Language certificates accepted by the University of Vienna (not older than 4 years):

  • Official language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) - Download list of accepted certificates
  • Language Competency Certificates ("Sprachkompetenznachweis") of the Language Center of the University of Vienna (more information below)
  • Language course certificates (in order to be accepted, the highest of all offered phases of the required level must be completed, e.g. B1 – phase 3 of 3 as a proof of B1 level; B2.2 as a proof of B2 level if B2.2 is the highest B2 course offered)
  • Certificate of a completed Erasmus Preparation Course of the Language Center of the University of Vienna
  • A high school diploma from a country where the required language is the official language or from an international school (e.g. Lycée Francais for stays in France)
  • A university degree completed entirely in the corresponding language
  • not accepted are: high school diplomas or school reports (e.g. “School subject English”); citizenships; confirmations of language course registration/participation


  • German skills do not have to be proven
  • Students of philological degrees (English and American Studies, German Philolgy, Finno-Ugric Studies, Japanese Studies, Dutch Studies, Oriental Studies, Romance Studies, Chinese Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Slavonic Studies) and students of Transcultural Communication/Translation Studies (Transkulturelle Kommunikation/Translation) do not have to provide a certificate at the University of Vienna if applying for a place within one of afore mentioned degrees. However, it is crucial in which study program you are applying. If, for example, you are studying English and History, you have to provide a language certificate if you are applying for a History place.

Language Competency Certificate at the Language Center of the University of Vienna

The Language Center of the University of Vienna offers not only Erasmus+ preparation courses but also exams for Language Competency Certificates that are accepted by the University of Vienna.

Successful applicants for Erasmus+ exchange program places who submit the grant application within the given deadlines benefit from a EUR 30 refund granted by the International Office of the University of Vienna. Recipients of Austrian study grants are refunded EUR 60 for up to two competency certificates (upon submission of the decree granting the financial aid for study).  Disbursement is done in cash at the Office of the Language Center and is possible during the following periods only: winter term 15.11. – 20.12.; summer term 15.5. – 30.6. A refund is possible up to one year from the date of the exam and is done at the Office of the Language Center on presentation of a photo ID. Please note that only costs for Language Competency Certificates can be refunded, not for language courses.

For further questions regarding the Language Competency Certificates, please contact the Language Center directly.

Students with several degree programs

In case you are admitted to several degree programs, you can apply in each field of study separately for Erasmus+. It is necessary to create an online application for each study field. Please also remember to inform each mobility coordinator about the other applications. A nomination is possible in one field of study only.

If you would additionally like to take courses in another field of study than the one you were nominated for while abroad, please discuss with your host university, whether the possibility is given. For the recognition at the University of Vienna, please contact the corresponding directorate of studies. PLEASE NOTE:  only credits recognized in the field of study you were nominated for count towards the minimum requirement of 3 transferred ECTS credits per month! (Exception: students of Teacher Education)

It is NOT possible to take a leave of absence in your second field of study at the University of Vienna while on exchange. For further information, please see the website of Teaching Affairs and Study Services. However, if you’re admitted at another Austrian university, it might be possible to pause there. Please contact the corresponding university for further information.

Students admitted to study at several universities have to notify each university of a study abroad, if they wish to maintain their admission.



Students of Teacher Education

Teacher Education European University Foundation (EUF)
Teacher Education EUF is an exclusive exchange program for students of Teacher Education at the University of Vienna. The program is managed within the Erasmus+ program. Education Science is the main focus of this program; additionally students can take classes in their subjects if feasible.
The available places are published on erasmus.univie.ac.at/site/plaetze (field of study: „Lehramt Campus Europae“).

Several fields of study
Students of Teacher Education can apply in each field of study separately for Erasmus+ (and in addition for the Teacher Education EUF program). It is necessary to create an online application for each study field. Please also remember to inform each mobility coordinator about the other applications. A nomination is possible in one field of study only.

If you would like to take additional courses in another field of study than the one you were nominated for while abroad, please discuss with your host university, whether the possibility is given. For the recognition at the University of Vienna, please contact the corresponding directorate of studies. As a student of Teacher Education all credits transferred to your degree count towards the proof of performance for the Erasmus+ grant (independent of the field of studies you have been nominated in).

Swiss-European Mobility Program (formerly Erasmus) in Switzerland

Switzerland does not participate in the Erasmus+ program in the academic year 2018/19. Nevertheless, it is possible to do an exchange in Switzerland. Exchanges in Switzerland are managed analogous to Erasmus+ by the Erasmus+ Outgoing Team at the International Office. However, there is no financial support from the EU nor the OeAD available. Due to the extraordinary situation, Swiss universities provide their inbound exchange students with grants comparable with the Erasmus+ grant. For further information, please contact the Swiss university of your choice.

Students on exchange in Switzerland are exempt from paying any tuition fees at the University of Vienna during the stay abroad (as are Erasmus+ students). A stay in Switzerland, however, doesn’t count towards the Erasmus+ quota of 12 months per study cycle. That is to say, even after an exchange in Switzerland you will still have the option of receiving an Erasmus+ grant for up to 12 months per study cycle (diploma studies: 24 months).


General e-mail address for Erasmus+ Outgoings:

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