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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find answers to the following questions...

...about the Application for Erasmus+ at the University of Vienna:

... about the Application to the host university:

...on matters During & after your stay

Application for Erasmus+ at the University of Vienna

My initial registration on erasmus.univie.ac.at did not work

Please try again!
The registration procedure consists of three steps:
1) Click on "Schritt 1: Unet Anmeldung durchführen" and enter  “a”, followed by your student ID number or your user ID, and your Unet password.
2) Click on “Schritt 2: Registrierung durchführen“ and fill in your personal data. Finish your registration by clicking on "Profil erstellen". You will receive an email with additional information about the application procedure. Please read this email carefully as it contains important information!
3) Click on "Schritt 3: Dokumente bearbeiten" und then on "Eine neue Bewerbung erstellen". Fill in the required information. Click "Speichern und weiter" when finished. This step has to be repeated for additional applications if you want to apply for Erasmus+ in several fields of studies.

I did not receive any registration mail – am I registered?

Please check your spam folder – automatically generated mails are often redirected there. Maybe you already registered and applied for Erasmus+ at the University of Vienna before?  In that case, you received the registration mail after your first registration (it is only sent once). If this does not help, please contact the International Office, we can forward the registration mail to you.

The website erasmus.univie.ac.at does not work

Unfortunately we have been getting many notifications on problems with the website lately. If you have trouble loading the page, please take a screenshot of the error and send us an email with the following details:
- exact time of error
- which webbrowser you are using
- screenshot with URL + error; or: exact URL
- Can you view other web pages of the University of Vienna without problems?

Thank you very much for your co-operation! In the meantime you can try to access the page through another web browser or another device.

My social insurance number has more than 4 digits

Unfortunately the database is programmed only for Austrian social insurance numbers. If yours happens to be longer than 4 digits, please just type „0000“ in the corresponding field.

How do I apply for Erasmus+ at my department?

Each department has its own application rules and procedures. If you cannot find information on the application process on your department’s website, or if you have any further questions about the application at your department, please contact your mobility coordinator (MobilitätskoordinatorIn).

I am a student of International Development; my department offers very few Erasmus+ places

Students of International Development can apply for Erasmus+ trough the following fields of study: International Development, Political Science, History and African Studies. The department of International Development will be in charge of the recognition of examinations (regardless of the field of study you are applying through).

Who or what is the OeAD?

The OeAD („Österreichische Austauschdienst“), as part of the Austrian National Agency, is in charge of paying the Erasmus+ grants to outgoing students from Austrian universities. Thus, your Erasmus+ grant will NOT be paid by the University of Vienna but by the OeAD. In order to receive the grant, you will have to register in the OeAD database „Students Online“ and sign a contract with the OeAD.

I registered in the OeAD database; however, my personal data changed

If your personal data changes after your registration, you can log in to your account and change your data accordingly. However, if you already signed the contract with the OeAD, please contact the International Office for any data change.

When will I receive the contract for the Erasmus+grant or the "Zuerkennungsmail" from the OeAD?

Your contract will be provided at the earliest 20 days before the start of your mobility (date set by you). At that moment you will receive an e-mail by the OeAD, the so-called Zuerkennungsmail, which informs you about your contract being ready in your account in the OeAD database "Students Online". You will then be able to log in, print the contract twice in order to hand it in personally or send the originals per post to the OeAD.

Application to the host university

I need to get a form signed and stamped for my host university

You can get the forms for your application to the host university signed and stamped at the International Office. However, we cannot sign course-specific documents – please contact your mobility coordinator or directorate of studies (SPL) for those matters.

I need a Transcript of Records in English, issued by the University of Vienna

If you change the language of your u:space account to English, all the documents available in the print service will be in English automatically, including the transcript of records. However, you can also ask for help at your SSC (study service center) or at the International Office – we can print out the English version of the ToR for you.

Who are the „departmental coordinator“ and the „institutional coordinator“?

The "departmental coordinator" is the mobility coordinator responsible for the coordination of the Erasmus+ program at the department/faculty you are enrolled at. The institutional coordinator is the International Office. If your host university is asking for a signature by the “Erasmus+ coordinator”, you can contact both – although it is usually easier and faster to get the form signed by the International Office.

I submitted a Learning Agreement at the University of Vienna; however, my host university sent me another Learning Agreement form to fill in. Which one do I have to use?

If your host university just sent you their own form without insisting on it explicitly, please use the Learning Agreement that you already submitted at the University of Vienna. However, if your host university explicitly insists on you filling in their own form (many Spanish and French universities do), please fill in the new Learning Agreement, get it signed by your directorate of studies once again and submit it to the host university.

My host university told me that the courses I listed in the Learning Agreement will not be offered during my stay; what should I do?

It depends on your host university. If the university is asking you to change the Learning Agreement before the beginning of your stay, please create a new Learning Agreement and get it signed by your directorate of studies. However, some universities are less strict and will let you change your Learning Agreement later on, once you arrived at the host university.

My host university did not contact me yet; what should I do?

Some host universities take a longer time to contact their incoming students. If you have any urgent questions, the best way of solving them is to call the International Office of your host university.

If you...


  • already have been nominated by the University of Vienna, the deadline for application at your host university is due in less than 2 weeks‘ time and you still did not hear from your host university; OR
  • already have completed the application at the host university, the deadline for application was more than 4 weeks ago and you still did not hear from your host university;

then you should contact (call) the host university as well as the International Office of the University of Vienna immediately.

During & after your stay

Do I have to send a confirmation of arrival to the University of Vienna?

You do NOT need to send a confirmation of arrival to the University of Vienna. However, it is very important that you send a confirmation of stay (including the whole duration of stay) to the OeAD AFTER your stay. You will find a blank for the confirmation of stay on our Download page.

I still did not receive any Erasmus+ grant. Why?

There could be several reasons for not receiving the Erasmus+ grant on time:

  1. You did not send the signed contract to the OeAD yet. 
  2. You are an Austrian study grant recipient, therefore signed the “C” contract, but forgot to apply for financial aid for your studies abroad at the Stipendienstelle. It is absolutely necessary that you submit the official notice about financial aid for your studies abroad to the OeAD in order to receive the grant; but don’t panic: in most cases you can apply for financial aid for your studies abroad even if your Erasmus+ stay has already started.
  3. You are NOT an Austrian study grant recipient, however you signed the „C“ contract with the OeAD by mistake. In that case, the OeAD needs you to submit a document issued by the Stipendienstelle in order to confirm that you do NOT receive the Austrian study grant.

In case of doubt please contact the International Office!

I just came back from my Erasmus+ stay, what are the next steps to take?

  • Send the original confirmation of stay (signed and stamped by your host university) to the OeAD; deadline: 4 weeks after the official end of your stay
  • Fill in the online student report and (if applicable) take the second part of the OLS self assessment (you will receive an invitation for both by email)
  • Get your courses recognized at your department (directorate of studies); deadline: within 2 months after the end of your stay; in case your stay ended in June or later: until the 15th of November.
  • Submit a copy of the Learning Agreement after the Mobility AND a copy of your Transcript of Records at the International Office of the University of Vienna; deadline: within 2 months after the end of your stay; in case your stay ended in June or later: until the 15th of November.

How do I get my Transcript of Records?

Please contact the International Office of your host university PRIOR to your departure to agree on when and where they will send your Transcript of Records. There are only two options: the ToR can be sent to you personally (your home address) or to the International Office of the University of Vienna. We will inform you by mail as soon as we receive your ToR and you will be able to pick it up at office hours. Please note that the ToR sent by mail sometimes take quite a long time to arrive (up to 4 weeks).

Do I have to submit a confirmation of recognition to the OeAD?

NO, you do not! After the end of your stay, the ONLY document you have to submit to the OeAD is the confirmation of stay. However, you DO have to submit the confirmation of recognition (Learning Agreement after the Mobility and ToR) at the International Office within 2 months after the end of your stay. The OeAD only carries out spot checks to see whether the requirements for the grant have been met. This means that you ONLY have to submit a confirmation of recognition to the OeAD if explicitly asked to do so (by mail and email).


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