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The Erasmus+ Internship

With the new Erasmus+ programme, students may spend up to 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD) abroad to study at a partner university or do a self-organized internship abroad and receive financial aid by the Erasmus funding.

Different from Erasmus+ studies, the organisation of internships is not dependent on existing agreements amongst home- and host-institutions. Apart from the basic requirement of the insternships' relevance to the study programme, students benefit from this flexibility in finding their preferred host-institutions. Citizenship does not influence the eligibility for funding.

The Erasmus+ Funding is not a full scholarship. Rather it constitutes a financial aid to cover the heightened cost of living during the stay abroad. Depeding on the host country, funding will be between € 400,00 and € 450,00 per month. The amount of the grant is adjusted every year. The recognition of the internship in form of ECTS credits is not pre-requisite to the funding, however, the relevance of the internship to the studies at the home university is obligatory (see below). The Erasmus+ grant is independent from whether you will receive a salary for your internship.

In contrast to the former ERASMUS programme, the new Erasmus+ generation allows student to spend several mobiltiy-periods abroad (studies and/or internships abroad). Each study-cycle (BA, MA, PhD) allows for a mobility of twelve months max. (24 months max for students in a diploma-programme).

Also new, recent graduates and teachers may now apply for an Erasmus+ funding for their internships abroad. For recent graduates see here. Prospective teachers planning a language-assistance internship in Europe are also eligible for the grant. Find more information here.

Who is eligible for application?

Participants have to be enrolled in a degree programme at the University of Vienna (not "Universitätslehrgang" etc.)

Bachelor students must have completed at least two semesters at the university before the start of the internship. Master- and PhD. students may apply earlier.

Further conditions:

  • Participants must be enrolled as students at the Univerity of Vienna throughout their internship. The study programm must not be completed, nor completed during the internship.
  • A study-leave ("Beurlaubung") is not possible during an Erasmus+ Internship.
  • The 12 months mobility quota must not be exceeded. Previous ERASMUS stays abroad in the same study cycle have to be substracted from the 12 months (except students enroled in Diploma programmes: students can apply for a maximum amount of 24 months of ERASMUS grants).
  • If the duration of your Erasmus+ Internship is longer than 50% of the semester, you are eligible to an exemption of tuition fees at the University of Vienna. In any case, however, the ÖH-Beitrag must be paid.
  • For Internships for recent graduates, application must be submitted before finishing your studies. Find more information here.
Where can you do an Erasmus+ Internship?

Possible host countries are the 28 EU member states, Iceland, Turkey, Norway, Liechtenstein and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Internships in Switzerland are currently not part of the programme.

Host institutions must not be bodies of the EU (eg. the European parliament) or agencies organizing EU-Programmes like national-agencies. In case, please contact your preferred organization and ask for a written document, confirming that it is not involved as an agency or organ of the EU. Please note that the International Office does not check this - it is your responsibility to find an appropriate institution.

What you need to consider when chosing a place for an Erasmus+ Internship

The internship needs to be relevant to your study programme at the University of Vienna. This needs to be confirmed by your study programme director. You can find your study programme director on the websites of the StudienServiceCenter.

In order to receive the grant, the internship must undergo recognition through ECTS credits (min. 3 ECTS/month) and/or through mentioning in your diploma supplement. This means that receiving ECTS credits for the internship is not obligatory to be elibible for an Erasmus+ Internship funding.

Please also consider:

  • It is your responsibility to organize a place for your internship. Advice for your research may be found here. Furthermore, see here for Placement-Offers.
  • Duration must be at least two months, up to max. 12 months (without breaks). Internships not longer than two months are not funded!
  • Applications for, as well as your actual stay of the internship are possible throughout the year.
  • The funding is granted for full time internships (at least 30 hours/week). For language assistants, this means a "volle Lehrverpflichtung" (i.e. 12-16h /week)
  • Funding is NOT granted for already started internships.
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